Tube Laser Cutting

Our unique 3D cutting head allows for unsurpassed accuracy for the best possible fit up, and combined with our load and go technology, makes manufacturing a breeze. We have a plethora of additional functions (beveling, coping, stitching and tapping) which is every reason to let us help bring your project to life.


Wall Thickness

0.75″ maximum on straight cuts
0.50″ on bevel cuts
Maximum bevel is 45º

Small Parts Catcher

Can handle parts up to 27.5″; larger sizes require standard unloading


48′ – 0″ maximum in/out


Solid model tubing data can be imported directly via 3D .iges, .sat and .step file formats. File creation by MVS is available upon request.

Conveyor Setup

Can queue up to 5 pieces of varying material sizes/lengths at a time


Similar to laser table tolerances: +/-0.031″ to +/-0.010″ depending on material

Tube Shapes

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