Manufacturing Models

Our customers demand excellence and have come to expect smart, beginning-to-end solutions from Owen Industries.

Our low lot sizes, superior engineering capabilities, strict adherences to quality standards, and precise command over logistics make Owen Industries a superior contract-manufacturing partner. We build to your print or help you with engineering and product design, documentation, prototyping and testing before moving to full-scale production.

Design Assist

Working closely with customers in a collaborative partnership at the earliest stages, we take an active role in product design and planning processes to ensure cost-effective, trouble-free production. Our professional engineering services play a critical role from new product concept to prototyping. We have special expertise in solids modeling and production engineering for manufacturability and are often able to suggest money-saving improvements when reviewing a customer’s existing design.


Our in-house programming department can tackle any geometrical design using CAD drawings, blueprints, templates, drawings or the actual part. Current software systems include AutoCAD®, Striker®, Pro/E® and FG CAM® (Mazak 3D).


The company utilizes 3D modeling software such as SolidWorks and Pro/ENGINEER for rapid prototyping and pre-production evaluation of subcomponents and final assemblies. Early-stage modeling cuts down on engineering errors and provides an easy-to-use platform to view and modify parts in a virtual environment.


Owen Industries produces an array of sub-assemblies and mechanically enabled final assemblies, ranging in size from fist-sized coupling devices to 24-inch by 240-inch production machinery systems. We provide a full range of precision contract manufacturing from simple component parts, to subassemblies, to fully finished, assembled and packaged products ready to ship to the end user – on time, to specification and on budget.

Assembly – Power & Control Components

Owen Industries provides fully built assemblies integrated with pneumatics, hydraulics, wiring, electronics and control systems. Power and control components are subject to a 100 percent operational testing regimen developed in conjunction with customers’ Quality Control programs.